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Lessons during COVID-19

Music lessons are tremendous extra-curricular activities in the best of times. In these highly irregular times, they can be even more beneficial! Music lessons provide a weekly structure when even the school structure is not fully set. Lessons also lead to regular practice times, which means a daily schedule you can add to your home life. These structured times offer long and short term goals for students. They also provide enjoyment of learning something new and filling the house with music - a huge stress relief. I then also like to add games for the students to play both in lessons and at home. These games offer entertainment and education for the whole family! To read more about my COVID-19 health and safety policies, click here.


Pre-school Piano

Ages 3-4

Foundation Piano

Ages 5-12

Expression Piano

Ages 13-17

Beginner Voice

Ages 6-17

Preschool Lessons

My Approach

I believe music is essential to being human. I believe learning music creates creative minds. I believe children learn best through play.  I believe music lessons teach more than just notes; I believe they teach life lessons. 

What Students Think

"Ms. Amanda is a good piano teacher. She helps you when you need
help. She is very nice. She makes learning piano easy." 

Ella, 8 years old