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Creative Classes for Every Age


Pre-school Piano

These classes for pre-schoolers inspire creativity, enhance reading readiness, improve math, computer, and language skills, and prepare for private piano instruction. Students and parents work together to learn about pitch, rhythm, note reading, composition, and playing the piano. Learning is made fun with characters, games, puzzles, singing, and playing. Students will actually play familiar songs on the piano keyboard!

Foundation Piano

Private piano lessons teach technical skills, theoretical aspects, and a discipline in practice in a way that is creative, fun, and inspiring. Each student's needs and interests are carefully considered when planning lessons, and music is chosen accordingly. Students are given short and long term goals with various rewards to help them succeed. These skills help prepare them for whatever aspect of music they enjoy. 


Expression Piano

In this stage of piano lessons, students are taught skills which enable personal expression and creativity. There is more of a focus on music history and classical composers. These lessons are intended to demonstrate that every piece of music has a story and to offer the students an opportunity to connect with that story. Students learn that style and mood affect this story and affect how we, as musicians, perform. After logging away practice hours and pouring over technique and history, students learn to make the music their own and have confidence in their musical expression. 

Beginner Voice

Voice lessons are a great accompaniment to piano lessons. Lessons for younger children are offered as musical explorations. We have fun with vocal warmups, "belly breathing", and learning short simple melodies and motions. These lessons help students learn to match pitch, listen, and internalize rhythms.

 Around the age of 9, a child's vocal chords begin to more fully develop, and we learn the foundations of good vocal technique. My personal love for musical theater inspires these lessons, but we also explore favorites of the students. All of the voice lessons promote a natural voice (not belting) supported by the breath. Students not only deepen their musical understanding with another instrument, but they also gain personal confidence through these lessons and performances!

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